Are You Going Through an Emotional Family Law Proceeding?

Call on a family law attorney for support in Atlanta, Georgia

If you and your partner are planning to file for divorce, you need to hire an attorney to represent your interests in the ensuing legal arrangements. The Gowens Law Firm offers legal support for divorce and post-divorce matters in Atlanta, Georgia. We’ll help you solve your most troubling issues – including child support and child custody arrangements. Call The Gowens Law Firm today to discuss your needs with a qualified attorney.

Our number one goal is to protect your children

Our number one goal is to protect your children

Your child deserves to live in a comfortable environment with proper financial support and care. At The Gowens Law Firm, we’re focused on protecting your child’s future. Our attorney will:

  • Fight for the best resolution to your case
  • Establish equitable child support provisions and visitation schedules
  • Assist with modifications to child support and custody after your divorce

Your divorce is not the end – it’s a new beginning. You can get through this tough time with the assistance of a dedicated family lawyer. Call The Gowens Law Firm when you’re ready to file for divorce in Atlanta, GA.